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Your couch is cold.

Our 100% US grown cotton blankets can fix that.

100% Fairtrade Cocoa

100% US Grown Cotton

Woven from 8-miles of pure sustainably sourced American-grown cotton.

Natural Ingredients

Machine Washable

Pre-Washed to prevent shrinkage. Cold water wash, air tumble dry.

Closed Process

Great For Adventures

Perfect for naps on the sofa, and adventuring in the wilderness. Guaranteed to keep you cozy and warm.

100% Palm Oil Free

Woven, Not Printed

The pattern is masterfully woven in and will not chip or fade off of your blanket.

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The Vietnam Throw Blanket

100% Cotton | Made In The USA

The throw features a Colt XM177E1, Huey helicopters, and a selection of other items and foliage reminiscent of the Vietnam War.

Our blankets are woven, not printed. The throw is roughly 54"x72" - perfect for naps on the sofa, and the queen is roughly 62"x84" - perfect for taller folks, sharing, or using on your bed. 

Woven in a small family-owned mill located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. These blankets are made on European Jacquard looms with roughly eight miles of American made 100% Cotton yarn.

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  • Machine Washable

    Cold Water

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Throw (54x72")Queen (62x84")

“I had a very rough draft of the pattern tucked away for a few years. My grandfather is a Vietnam Veteran, and because of him, the Vietnam War has always intrigued me, but especially so with his silence on the matter,” said Sara Westman, the owner and illustrator at Kitfox Design Group. “But I never could figure out what to do with the artwork. The idea finally came to me on a beach in Pensacola when I couldn't stop thinking about how inconveniently small my beach towel was. I thought to myself that I’d rather be laying out on a blanket - and here we are. I am hoping that both military history fans and Vietnam Veterans enjoy this project as much as I have enjoyed learning about the Vietnam War and creating the art.”

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2 weeks later. Still have not received.

Absolute unit of a blanket

Kitfox delivers once again, with yet another thoughtful design and top notch quality. Cannot speak more highly of the owner and her commitment to delivering a truly amazing Father’s Day and birthday present for my old man.


Blanket looks great and the quality is top notch.

32oz Badassery

Beautiful artwork on a bad ass 32oz Nalgene bottle. What's not to love!

Even better than I thought it'd be!

I got this initially as a decoration piece (for the living room couch), and when it arrived, it was even better looking than I expected. On top of that, it felt like a real luxury product, and made in the USA no less. Plus its a legitimately great blanket. I'm 6'2", and have grabbed this on a cold night and been A-OK.


high quality and just great!

warm but not hot + comfy !

My everywhere blanket

I take this throw on every one of my adventures. Wrapped up in both nostalgia and warmth, it's probably one of the favorite things I own

Favorite Nap Blanket

I bought this Vietnam throw blanket when I seen a TikTok showing it off I preordered the blanket and waited diligently until I got word that it had since shipped I thought maybe 3 weeks to a month to my surprise 8 days later I got it delivered to my door it has since become my favorite throw and has held up to many of nap for over a year I would recommend a kit fox throw to everyone

Gwot throw is awesome

This throw is perfect for my recliner. Great artwork and quality product. Customer service is excellent. Ill be a customer as long as they’re around.

"Buy it for life" blanket

I bought one on pre-order, and have zero regrets with my purchase. Well made, and just the right amount of warmth you want out of a throw blanket. I look forward to having this blanket around the rest of my life

I saw the M1 Garand

It’s a must to buy it. Great blanket!

Nice & Cozy

Is a great blanket - have one in the house and also on the two bunk beds in the camper. We love it!

Awesome blanket

Everyone who sees it is jealous! Great blanket. It's the perfect weight, not too light but not too heavy. I can say that everyone who sees it loves it and wants one.

The Vietnam throw blanket

Awesome product!!! Great quality!!!

The raddest blanket

Super comfortable and high quality blanket. You can’t go wrong with a GWOT throw!


Use it everyday and is a staple blanket used in our house. Amazing quality and craftsmanship. Shows the true dedication of kit fox to their products.


I never thought I'd ever buy a throw blanket but after seeing this design and flooding back all the feelings and memories of nostalgia, I had to. Amazing quality and attention to detail!

Looks great!

I ordered this blanket when it was first announced and wasn’t sure what to expect aside from it looking rad. When it showed up, it was even better than I expected. Looks and feels great, with amazing color and detail with a cozy softness. The scaling of the design is such that it looks classy enough as living room decor, and the jungle design would complement any plants you might have in the room. It’s become part of my everyday life, adding comfort and visual interest to my armchair in the living room.

Stylish for any style home

This blanket is the intersection between military history and great home design; I’ve always wanted something in this style that doesn’t look like it belongs at a Cabelas. Its repeating motifs and colorway easily fits into any interior decor style, from mid-century to outdoorsy to farmhouse chic. It’s also very well made, and perfect for cozy evenings curled up on the couch, or sitting on a tailgate, looking up at the stars.

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