The Vietnam Throw

100% Cotton | Made In The USA

The Vietnam Throw is a concerted effort to recognize our military history, and is a humble nod and thank you to the servicemen who fought in Vietnam. The throw features a Colt XM177E1 and Huey helicopters, along with other items and foliage reminiscent of the Vietnam War.

Our blankets are woven, not printed. The final size of the blanket will be roughly 54"x72" - they are large enough for a queen bed & perfect for naps on the sofa. 

Woven in a small family-owned mill located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. These blankets are made on European Jacquard looms with roughly eight miles of American made 100% Cotton yarn.

On July 30th we opened our first run of pre-orders for The Vietnam Throw. We were grateful to be able to bless a family owned American mill with a order much larger than they expected. We are hoping to do it again, aiming for an end of November delivery (just in time for Christmas).

Blankets from the first run (July 30-August 10) will ship October 3-5. If you're reading this, we have opened orders silently for those of you on the wait list, or those of you who have stumbled upon the blog prior to our public announcements. 

Here are the facts-

The second run of blankets are estimated to ship around Thanksgiving (US) week. We are limiting this second run of blankets to approximately 450 throws to ensure that our manufacturer has ample time to manufacture, quality check, and ship them to us so that we can get them out well before the Christmas rush. 

International customers: we will be prioritizing your orders to ship first so that you have all odds in your favor for receiving your throw blankets before Christmas. We are also going to be making DHL temporarily available for blanket orders as we will make a drive down (about 60 miles) to the hub for those packages. 

Gift orders: We are offering gift-wrap and note services for this second run of orders. If you would not like gift-wrap, but this order IS a gift, please use the order notes to let us know. 

As with the previous run of blankets, we will be sending regular updates as well as listing the current status here and on the blog (link to come). 

This pre-order phase will run silently (those of you who just wander over here, or have put your email in the out of stock notifications) 10/1 through 10/4, and publicly from 10/5 through 10/18 or until the limited allowance is sold. 

More hoodies and shirts? (nalgenes?)

YES! Gosh these shirts and hoodies are so rad. If you live in a cold climate, you should definitely try the heavyweight option. We're excited to support a semi-local company with our screen printed products and are stoked to do another run of apparel for the holiday season.

These will be allowed to back-order. As with our previous pre-order, we will be shipping orders complete. But if you order just apparel during this phase, and it IS back-ordered (as we do have some in stock) we will fulfill what we have, and fulfill the remaining apparel orders as soon as the second run arrives a few weeks after we close the pre-order phase. We'll send ya updates along the way.

As for the nalgenes, we ordered quite a bit over and above the pre-order. If we see stock become low we'll open them up for back-order. But as of right now (10/1), and unless it's noted on the product page, we are actively shipping the Death Card and Vietnam Pattern Nalgenes, and will begin shipping the Screaming Fox soon. 

What about the cookie cutters?

Unfortunately, we were faced with quite an unexpected delay with our sea shipment. These are now expected to arrive mid October. This shouldn't impact the second run of blanket orders. But for those of you waiting, I'm so sorry, the entire port system is a crap show right now.