Technical & Firearm Illustration

The purpose of technical illustration is to visually communicate information and has many uses, not limited to attorney illustrations, product illustration for packaging and other marketing/branding usage.


Attorney Illustrations

Sometimes the easiest way to articulate a concept to people who are too far removed from a topic is with visual illustrations. We recently illustrated a series for Firearms Policy Coalition/Firearms Policy Foundation that assisted in the visual understanding of an AR trigger function in their efforts against the Bump Stock Ban. Kitfox is available for this type of illustration work for a variety of topics.

product Illustrations

While our bread and butter is firearms, we often find ourselves illustrating soft-goods, electronics, nails and fasteners, and everything in between. Whether your end use is shirts and other promotional goods, or product tags/packaging, we are happy to assist.

Morale Patches

We have a close relationship with a number of patch manufacturers for PVC, embroidered, and sublimated morale patches. We are happy to assist you with a patch design of your product or concept, or submit your branding for a patch quote.
Email us at: for more information

We are currently still accepting logo patch orders for Shot Show 2020 with finished artwork.


Firearm Morale patches

Our firearm morale patches come packed with detail that will be sure to impress. Firearm morale patch projects are reserved for firearm and firearm accessory manufacturers. The process is quite simple, there is an upfront art fee, and we require in most circumstances that the firearm and/or accessory is sent to us so that we may take sufficient reference images. Once the artwork is complete, we will submit it for an official quote and once approved, manufacturing can begin.

Our Shot Show 2020 Firearm Morale Patch slots are filled.

Brand Management

By definition, brand management is a function of marketing that uses techniques to increase the perceived value of a product line or brand over time.


brand management & consulting

While we don’t take on as many from the ground up branding projects these days, we are always thrilled to help small businesses in developing their brand and establishing themselves in the marketplace. Sometimes this is as simple as assisting with the manufacturing of branded marketing goods, or as extensive as retail experience design. If you’re struggling with streamlining your brand, we are happy to help.


Social Media management & consulting

Kitfox works with a number of social media specialists and production designers to assist our clients with their social media needs. Typically this is structured more in line with consulting, but if you are in need of social media management, we are happy to connect you with one of our specialists.

Commercial Photography

With a combined ~twenty years experience, and a mutual passion for photography, Sara and Charlie enjoy shooting photos commercially and as a hobby. Specializing in commercial lifestyle and real estate photography.

behind the scenes, lifestyle, & prouct

For behind the scenes, or lifestyle photography we strive to capture photojournalistic images that feel like a memory. Inducing feelings that allow the viewer to connect with your company or product immediately. From gun smiths to mechanics to jewelry smiths, and everything in between, the end use of promotional lifestyle photography is endless.

Real estate & construction photography

Serving the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and surrounding areas with real estate and construction/renovation photography. Whether you are trying to level up your listings, or create content for your website and social media, we are happy to assist. Get in touch with us now to discuss your needs!