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This product listing is for [ONE] random, black bagged vault patch. 

There are no limits, but honestly just don't be a jerk. 

By ordering a vault patch you understand and acknowledge the following:

• Some of these are blemished holdbacks from numbered runs.
• Some of these have art cards, most wont. 
• We'll try not to send duplicates but we cant make promises.
• We are NOT giving anyone special treatment. There will be no special requests.
• There are NO returns on vault patches. 
• Some bags include ranger eye sets, they might not match. 

We've discounted Vault patches because some of these historically came with art cards, and some are client project extras (and again, could have blemishes which is why they were held back.) This is something that I have not wanted to even tell people I had, so please don't make me regret opening up the vault and sharing its treasures with you all. 

Looking forward to this year and the projects I have coming out on to paper. Thank you all for your continued support! ILY!