Kinetic Development Group: #FiftyShadesofFDE

I started with a variety of photography examples of the SCAR setup that Kinetic Development Group wanted to highlight through the illustration. Because rifles are long, and photographs tend to warp lines depending on the lens, I often request multiple images of the “model” to guarantee I can get the next best thing to a hands on experience for proper details.

Once I’ve got the wireframes (or line art) finished up, I move on to coloring. You’ll notice that I set up layers for each piece of the firearm, as well as each accessory, and keep them visually separate by using different brightly colored outlines. I use natural light reference photos to start with the coloring, but it often comes down to hand selecting each tone and adjusting it for shadows and highlights manually.

Process Videos:

Below are some snippets into the behind the scenes of the project. They’re fairly short.
Estimated to have 14+ hours involved from wireframe to color for this particular illustration.

This was a super fun project, as always.
I’m looking forward to opening my books back up mid June for personal EDC artwork, and talking to companies now for projects leading out to Shot Show 2017. There’s no time like the present.